Chandelier Ideas for living room.

Next to the exteriors, a living room makes the best first impression of any home. Make sure yours gives off the right one by selecting the best lighting source that’s both functional and pleasing to the eye.  

Keep in mind that your living room is not just for receiving visitors—more importantly, it’s where your whole family gathers to unwind and reconnect at the end of each day. Surely you’d want it to be relaxing and comfortable, and your choice of lighting can make or break the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Without a doubt, chandeliers are the top pick for primary living room lighting as they’re the best source of ambient light. A suitable lamp placed in a strategic area will also make a great addition, whether it is to add style, provide a decorative effect or improve the sense of space.

When it comes to choosing lighting for your living room, it still boils down to your design style. Check out our selection of living room chandeliers or try out these suggestions from our customers.

Crystal Chandeliers for Modern Living Rooms

These state-of-the art chandeliers will easily add a modern touch to any living room. Deviating from traditional and tiered crystal chandelier designs, this selection of lighting fixtures incorporate a robust blend of shape, form and intentional symmetry that will tie together all the elements of your modern living space.

Modern Chandelier for Living Room | Sofary

Crystal Chandeliers for Large & Luxurious Living Rooms

Now here’s where you have more leeway when choosing the right chandelier for your spacious and luxurious living room. Compared to other light fixtures, crystal chandeliers are luxurious to begin with so you won’t have a hard time choosing one whatever the design style of your living room. Take a look at our top customer picks below.

Luxurious Chandeliers for Living Rooms | Sofary

Crystal Chandeliers for Smaller Living Rooms

Having a smaller living room doesn’t mean you can’t have a chandelier hanging from your ceiling. We have a wide range of compact and mini crystal chandeliers that will easily complement your living room design whether it’s modern, rustic, traditional, classic or contemporary.       

Living Room Chandelier Ideas | Sofary

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